Babbu Mann's Suggestion to Punjab Government

Punjabi famous stars, Babbu Mann, Jazzy B and Binnu Dhillon went to Hotel JW Marriott Chandigarh on Tuesday to launch Raunka music website. Raunka website is an effort made by a Punjabi guy to stop piracy or Punjabi music. Users can pay and download songs from this website same as it is done in itunes.

After the launch of Raunka website, Babbbu Mann interacted with media and praised the guy for such a effort to stop piracy. But he said it wouldn't be a successful step as one person who download the song can forward it by sharing it on Whatsapp or email. He said that people want to listen most of the songs for free. He added that if the songs are made paid, hardly only few persons will listen. He suggested to make a sensor board regarding piracy. Problem of piracy is in the world not only Punjab.

When Babbu Mann was asked about the new Government made in Punjab, he smiled and disagreed to make any comment on Government. As a singer he do not expect anything from government as he thinks government has no or very little role for singers. He said that whether piracy stops or not but loans of farmers should be waived off as land is the only income source for farmers but singers have the option to earn from Live Shows and marriages.