Cheap Food By Punjab Government to Poor

Chandigarh: In its Manifesto, Punjab Congress promised to provide food to poor people for Rs.5. But Congress is unable to provide this. Instead Congress has decided to provide food to poor for Rs.13 instead of Rs.5. For this plan Congress has started the study and planned the rate of Thali to be Rs.13. Government has made a plan of "No Loss, No Profit" in which poor people will be provided cheap food.

The cheap food for poor people will be announced in budget of June, 2017.In the first Cabinet meeting, Government has decided to keep 120 promised which were made in Manifesto of Congress but in these promises there was no name of cheap food for poor. Also Governor of Punjab didn't talk about this in his lecture in Vidhan Sabha. Seeing the financial state of Punjab, Government do not want to give subsidy on food as the sate is already under debt and they fear that people may make subsidy a play. That is why Government has made a plan of No Profit- No Loss. In Thali poor will be provided 6 Chapattis and vegetables.