What is Babbu Maan fond of?

Punjabi Music legend, Babbu Mann said that music is his diet but nor he writes songs to be played on DJ and never he prepares the music for that. While talking to Jagbani, Babbu Maan said that in profession of singing a great experience is needed. He said,"I do not write a song, rather I write a 3 minute story."

Babbu Maan further added that he never writes the songs with repeated concept again and again. His one concept is covered in one song only and is never repeated. When he was asked about shooting a movie, he replied that story of the movie is the real hero.

When he asked about his popularity in live shows, he said that a singer should have hit songs to make more fans. Lyrics of songs should be one's own thinking. Talking about hobbies, Babbu Maan said that he read books 90 percent of the time. He is also fond of horse riding, farming and shooting. He said that he rarely uses internet and only reads if there is some valuable information on social media.